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Treasury special storage shelves

Nov 22, 2017

Treasury special storage shelves

Lianhe Zhongbang shelves: 

1, automated warehouse shelves (for large-scale storage of goods efficient automatic warehouse)

2, tray shelves (bearing 1000Kg-3000KG applicable to all walks of life warehouse logistics, pallet storage forklift operation);

3, light shelves (bearing 10-100KG for clothing, electronics, industrial warehouse);

4, the amount of shelf (load 150-300KG for pharmaceuticals, electronics and other demanding industries workshop, warehouse);

5, heavy-duty shelves (load-bearing 500-1000KG for general industry, general machinery and other industrial warehouse artificial pick-up);

6, cantilevered shelves (suitable for long, circular materials, and long-shaped material storage);

7, self-sliding shelves (suitable for production lines and flexible operation of distribution and transmission lines);

8, corridor-type shelves (through-type shelves, suitable for storing large quantities of goods, the types of goods more than a single product);

9, Attic shelves (suitable for small cargo, manual access, storage capacity for the company to save a lot of land resources, mainly for the goods are relatively small, small customer warehouse, such as car 4S shop, electronics, medicine, lighting,);

10, other types of shelves, including mobile, pick roadway shelves, pressure type, pull-type (mold racks) and other special-purpose (our company according to customer needs, non-standard product design and manufacturing);

11, steel tray, frame, mesh, wall, storage cage, folding frame, bin and other non-standard station equipment products;

12, logistic vehicles, trolleys, logistics trolleys, handling vehicles;

13, steel platform system, warehouse floor, workbench, console;

14, stacking frame, plastic tray material box; plastic turnover box, plastic box, parts box, parts box, toolbox;

15, corporate warehouse cut off, the separation wall, metal mesh wall.