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Use of stainless steel shelves

Mar 16, 2017

1. General the grease dirt spray can, dry with a dry towel; the prohibition of the use of high concentration or corrosive solvent.
2. When cleaning stainless steel surfaces must be careful not to scratch the surface, avoiding the use of bleach composition and abrasive liquid, remove detergent wash rinse surface with clean water again at the end.
3. the dust on the surface of stainless steel, as well as easy to get rid of dirt, SOAP, detergent or weak wash.
4. If the Rainbow stripes on the surface of stainless steel, is caused by using too much detergent or oil, washing can be washed with warm water and neutral detergent.
5. dirt cause the eyes of rust on stainless steel surface, available 8% nitric acid or abrasive detergent cleaning, you can also use special detergent drugs washing.
6. maintenance please wipe clean with a soft cotton cloth or fluffy cloth, do not use steel wool or rough brushes to clean to avoid damaging the surface.