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Warehouse cage's introduction to the basic functions

Mar 16, 2017

Warehouse cage rack warehouse and free warehouse shelves, shelves are the main shelf storage facilities. Shelves are built with a certain strength of materials according to a certain format of geometric construct used to store goods. Equipment in the warehouse, shelf refers specifically to store the items of storage devices. Shelves is the most common type of storage facility, essential and ubiquitous. Wide variety of shelves, you can meet a variety of different items, storage units, bearing capacity and access storage requirements.
Warehouse cage shelves of basic functions:
1. the classification of goods, advance positioning storage;
2. stereo storage of goods, the effective use of space;
3. reduces the deformation caused by the stacking and stacking of goods or damage, effectively protecting the goods;
4. cooperate with handling machines sorting equipment, improve operational efficiency.