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Warehouse inventory process and how to choose warehouse shelf

Feb 07, 2018

Warehouse inventory process 

1 inventory preparation, as circumstances permitting, to bring the sales department to suspend collection and delivery on the inventory day, the financial department should inventory the audit has occurred before the effective accounting records, the warehouse manager should be based on the actual manpower warehouse Status and area of a reasonable division. 

2, the inventory, the warehouse manager according to the actual arrangements for inventory of the way, one is a clear plate, that is, by the account entry clerk print out the actual inventory by the responsible persons in various regions according to the physical inventory by physical inventory; Species is a blind disk, that is, by inventory personnel holding a blank count table according to the physical location of the inventory. 

3, inventory results generated by the account entry clerk based on the inventory table and inventory check, such as the workload of large warehouse supervisors can arrange for other staff to help check, check the correct location as a normal inventory processing, check the different locations The warehouse supervisor arranges the employees with strong sense of responsibility to reprise the spot on the spot. If the inventory is negligent, the inventory result is wrong. According to the company system, the responsible person shall be punished accordingly. If the actual inventory and the actual difference exist, other stores of the same type of goods should be confirmed Bit is

Whether there is a difference between the two is equal and inventory, so that the staff does not stock prepared goods shipped strictly in accordance with the inventory, the goods can be adjusted according to the actual inventory, and confirm the stock is correct.

 4, the inventory results do exist differences in the product, the warehouse print "profit orders", "loss orders", store managers find the reasons for the disk gain and loss, and issued a "stock inventory summary table" Submitted to the financial department, the financial department organizers of the issue location or cargo complex, and the final result submitted to the general manager for approval, by the financial department of profit inventory according to customer requirements adjustment.

5, the inventory of other provisions of the above inventory for the monthly standard disk, the other warehouse needs to be arranged according to their actual situation daily disk and weekly disk, day disk that day after the end of the work into the warehouse on the day there The purpose of inventory, and from the inventory has been verified out of stocking the day of the actual stock check, problems solved on the spot, so as to avoid errors in the delivery of goods and found not timely lead to the loss of goods or generate additional Transfer costs. Zhou disk basically similar to the moon.

6, to participate in the inventory of personnel must be serious and responsible, goods code release, the unit must be standardized and unified; name, item number, specification must be clear; the number must be in kind, must be true and accurate, will not allow leakage disk occurs due to man-made inventory data is not true , The responsible person shall pay the fault liability, and as a result of the inventory, if it is found that the person who is in kind does not send and receive the property in accordance with the provisions and keep the property for loss, the person in kind shall assume the financial liability for compensation.