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Warehouse logistics shelf how much money quality far more than the price

Oct 26, 2017

Warehouse logistics shelf how much money quality far more than the price

Warehouse shelves design and product quality impact price

    Different storage shelves companies in the technical level and production process differences, the storage shelf prices must also be different. A serious, responsible, professional shelves company will be combined with the actual needs of customers, the existing plant equipment supporting equipment, all-round consideration, for customers to design a scientific and reasonable storage shelves program; in the production process, the production process, The use of raw materials and other manufacturers before there are differences. Warehouse shelves design and product quality is the decisive factor affecting prices. Customers in the procurement of storage shelves, remember a penny of goods, choose professional, regular shelf manufacturers, and can conduct field visits.

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      Warehouse Shelf Manufacturing

    The manufacturing stage is about the quality of the storage shelves, the experience of the users, the brand impact of the product, and the important factors related to the safety of the storage shelves. Manufacturing links, the impact of storage shelves security factors are:

    (1) if the material specifications and design does not match, will lead to structural capacity on the surface weakened, resulting in security risks;

    (2) storage shelves of the painting process and other inadequate treatment, ranging from patent leather off, while the impact of the internal structure;

    (3) the manufacture of storage shelves and the details of the details of the treatment is not in place, resulting in each group of shelves and other links are not tight enough, prone to security problems.

      Storage shelves installation and use of links

    Storage shelves are generally relatively large structure, the various parts of the convergence problem, the need for professional installation staff to install. If the installation is not good, prone to the situation. Such as the installation of storage shelves when the vertical column is not enough, the angle is not enough, poor handling will have a negative impact on the overall storage shelves, as well as storage shelves on the need for security accessories such as installation is not standardized or wrong, The role of protection against the safety of the negative. Warehouse personnel in the use of storage shelves when improper operation may also cause the safety of the shelves, such as overweight delivery, vigorously collision storage shelves and so on are likely to allow the displacement or deformation of the shelf to affect the safe use of the shelf.