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​ Warehouse management enterprise

Jul 25, 2018

The materials in the warehouse are the property of the enterprise. If the enterprise is indifferent to the mess of property, the top management is talking about strategy, development plan and various advanced modes. It is an old saying that the house is not cleaned. Why sweep the world.

 Warehouse management is a weak link in many companies. Many bosses often think that it is not enough to put a warehouse manager? One is not enough, one more, the thing is not lost? Through the visits to many customers, there are several phenomena before the improvement of warehouse management:


       1. The warehouse management is loose. There are employees' self-collecting materials, which leads to incomplete storage and storage records. The quantity of physical objects is different from the number of accounts or the warehouse management system, resulting in data confusion, loss of reference value, and even more investment in tens of thousands or even 100,000 construction information systems, but because of the poor accuracy of data, system operations and manual operations still coexist, information systems have become furnishings and cumbersome...

       2, the warehouse never counts, or for the book consistency rate data to look a little better, but to selectively count, or adjust the account consistency rate index algorithm. Whether it is not counting, or the inventory of the form, it covers up the problem, and the problem cannot be solved naturally;

       3. Play the concept of “zero inventory”, cancel the warehouse or some kind of warehouse, and put the materials on the production site; the materials piled on the site lack effective management means. The warehouse was cancelled, but it caused substantial confusion;

       4. Ignore the safety management of the warehouse, including the safety of warehouse storage and warehousing, the protection requirements of products during storage, fire safety, occupational health and safety of employees;

How to make the warehouse science work, the improvement methods include the following aspects:

1. How to make full use of storage space

Reasonable planning is the first, and continuous learning/innovation/training/supervising/management is required in operations.

 Develop reasonable and efficient position management methods/standards

 Training for the concept of the operator

Establish a full-time tally/personal staff/clear responsibilities, and be responsible for the switch positionStrict supervision

Assessment indicators: space utilization is more able to show whether the warehouse space is fully utilized than the position utilization. According to the operation of the enterprise system and personnel, a certain process is required. According to the assessment indicators and the actual completion of the rewards and punishments


2, location / quantity accuracy management

Divide the responsible person by region/shelf to clarify the assessment requirements/responsibility

 Training/Assisting Responsible Persons to Develop Monthly Free Inventory/Tally Plan

Strictly supervise whether the operation meets the process requirements

 Regularly scaled (8-10%) unified cycle pumping supervision

Appreciation of rewards and punishments according to assessment indicators

 As far as possible to ensure the stability of the inventory staff, the older is relatively more stable


The above points can better solve the problem of inventory accuracy; but the strict process planning / training / management + system on the shipping position, receiving positioning in the system is reasonably set to greatly reduce the proportion of errors and thus increase inventory The level of accuracy management ensures smooth picking and avoids deductions due to inaccurate inventory.


3, replenishment management

Divide the responsible person by region/shelf to clarify the assessment requirements/responsibility

According to the different frequency of the product's outbound position, set the replenishment point and the replenishment quantity. It will take a certain amount of time according to the system and actual operation conditions.

Strictly supervise whether the operation meets the process requirements

Monitoring the data due to replenishment

According to the assessment indicators and the actual completion of the rewards and punishments


4, personnel management


Institutional aspects to develop reasonable individual / team / company assessment indicators and incentives, the individual / team / company-to-company interests as much as possible is very beneficial to solve personnel management.

Personnel management can be specifically started from the following aspects:

According to actual needs, reasonably set the number of shifts, time and number of people in each group

The ratio between the groups is reasonable, ensuring uniform production of orders

At the same time, some operators who are proficient in multiple types of work can provide quick deployment support when a group encounters a bottleneck.

 Full training

Clear responsibility / clear assessment indicators

Strict control and management

6, data management

All of the above standardization and process operations have a final goal - precipitation data, reflecting the state of business operations through data, customer maintenance, product dimensions, work center dimensions, order maintenance, personnel dimensions, etc. The analysis, through the correction of the abnormality of the current period, to achieve improvement; through the ring ratio, year-on-year data, gradually establish the benchmark within the enterprise to achieve the goal of management, data, visualization. A thousand miles begins with a single step. Enterprises want to use ERP system well, manage warehouse is the most basic step, compared to the software interface is not beautiful, is the local deployment, or cloud deployment, you still pay more attention to the company's account consistency rate, the real account Whether the agreement rate has reached 95% (although reaching 95% does not mean that it has been done very well, but it does not meet this requirement, and any ERP system is afraid that it will be difficult to play a big role).