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Warehouse Shelves For Electrical Plant

May 22, 2017

There has a Water heater limited company, warehouse with 3000 square meters, the height of warehouse is 5.5 meters high.

 Lianzhong Zhongbang Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd. designer well checked  the product features, warehouse height, design platform-style shelves for this company.

The advantage of platform mezzanine shelf is that the higher warehouses can be distinguished from the middle and a warehouse can be divided into two warehouses to store the goods.

Platform-style shelves with heavy-duty shelves and pillars combined structure, strong overall, strong carrying capacity and uniform force, construction fast, low cost.

The platform shelf can be designed according to the actual site into a multi-layer, the platform can be used directly under the steel pallet or can be made into a shelf or use of manual pallet vehicle access to goods. The platform floor can be directly walking pallet truck, but also can lift platform to speed up the goods on the platform.

The electrical plant warehouse shelves in the use of less cost but usage of the warehouse space can be double than before.The first floor of the goods can be directly on the ground, saving beams, easy to use directly forklift handling.

Electrical plant warehouse shelves with hand stairs for manual access to goods safe and reliable. Staircase handrail spray yellow, and the platform to distinguish the shelf, the visual increase of a layer of safety tips.

The warehouse shelf structure is simple, beautiful appearance,which can be made into multiple layers. Pole holding column structure, bearing capacity. The first floor only with the column which should save the cost of the shelves.