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warehouse shelves installation choice how to be fast

Feb 10, 2018

1, warehouse shelves installation:

Customization of shelves - Production of shelves - Preparation of shelves before installation - Receipt of shelves - Assembling and releasing lines - Installation of shelves - Installation check or adjustment - Installation and acceptance.

2, customized production shelves: Procurement companies choose according to the needs of the type of shelf, such as load-bearing 150KG within the optional light shelves, 150-500KG layer weight can choose medium-shelf shelves, layer weight 1000KG above goods can choose Beam-type shelves, while the shelf features, specifications, accessories to determine. Confirm after the custom production.

3, shelf preparation before installation:

(1) Purchaser: clean up the installation site of goods, determine the power to determine the inventory inspection staff;

(2) supply side: the installer is familiar with drawings, construction plans for special circumstances; understand the power, on-site transportation channels; special circumstances and the purchaser consultation.
双深度货架1.jpg4, shelf storage check receipt:

(1) Before unpacking or unpacking, inspect the "Delivery List" and record it. If it is found that loose packs, missing pieces, serious damage and timely response, Take pictures on site and send the image information back in time.

(2) Store shelf parts to the designated place on the venue.

5, assembly release preparation:

(1) The installer performs proofreading on the shelf components to determine the payout basis;

(2) According to the drawings and the actual situation, delineation of installation baseline.

6, began to install the shelf:

(1) column

(2) beams, laminates;

7, check the shelf or adjust the end of the installation.

8, the installation end of acceptance.