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Welding special super-shelf standards and requirements Supermarket shelves

Jan 27, 2018

The general structure of our super-dedicated shelves to be demolished, but in many places or by welding to increase the overall strength of the shelves, such as beams and hanging angle, between the column and the foot, are required for welding. Shelf welding and other welding is not the same, you need a relatively high intensity, strict accordance with the norms of operation.

In addition to meeting the general welding requirements of garment surpermarket rackings, the welding of special-purpose shelves should also meet the requirements of Code for Design of Seismic Design of Buildings (GB 50011-2001). 

How to meet the requirements of "Code for Design of Seismic Design of Buildings" (GB 50011-2001) mainly includes the following aspects: The welding of special shelves of commercial super stores and the welding of some components of the three-dimensional shelves adopt full penetration grooved welds. The unique column and the beam connection between, through this connection can column and beam hinge form as far as possible to the rigid connection direction of change, all the bolts are used with high-strength friction bolts; commercial ultra-specialized shelf foot treatment.

The way of connecting the shelf and the ground in the stereoscopic warehouse adopts the way of the embedded parts. 

That is, when doing the foot, the parts connected with the foot of the shelf are pre-welded with the steel cage of the foundation so as to form a rigid body with the shelf and the structure of the building steel structure so as to greatly enhance the seismic resistance; 

Cold forming, because the shelves of the components are basically formed by the cold-rolled process, so in the production of work will have stress concentration, thus affecting the shelf member of the force situation, so the use of good molding technology, you can prevent the stress Focus on and improve the carrying capacity;

Super commercial shelves force analysis, shelf design using finite element analysis software to simulate the shelf in the computer in the actual situation of the load situation, in order to determine the shelf safety.

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