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What do we need to design mezzanine shelf

Jun 09, 2017

What do we need to design mezzanine shelf

As a professional mezzanine shelf designer, what do we need customers to provide us ,then we can design the mezzanine for you.

We all know that the mezzanine is divided into storage mezzanine shelf combination, attic platform, mezzanine cantilever combination and so on.

Here is a brief list of what information you need to provide a qualified attic platform

1.Sketch size of mezzanine warehouse,such as height,length,width.

2.The net height, height to surface storage mezzanine platform .

3.Panel selection such as  board, or steel, red board, grid plate ,they depend on customer’s need.

4.Mezzanine’s capacity or what should be stock, different load-bearing materials are not the same.

5.Span, the spacing between the pillars and the pillars.

6.Whether the need for stairs or lift platform.

7.Whether the platform above the need to take the forklift, or people walking.

8.The direction of the import and export of goods. If you use the hands of loading the goods do not need to consider.

Pay attention to the height of the customer's warehouse, you need to understand the height of the shelves and many other detail we should be take into consideration.

Mezzanine-style shelves are mainly bearing capacity in the column, the height of the warehouse has been required.Mainly applicable to the Treasury height of more than 4 meters, more suitable for smaller goods, manual access, large storage capacity of the case. Do loft shelves can be more than doubled in space utilization. Unit shelf load per floor is usually less than 500kg, The mezzanine shelf floor spacing is usually 2.2m ~ 2.7m, the top shelf height is generally about 2m, taking full account of the convenience of staff operations. Suitable for multi-species large quantities or more varieties of small quantities of goods, manual access to goods.The goods are usually by forklifts, hydraulic lift or freight luggage to the second floor, third floor, and then by a light car or hydraulic pallet truck to a location.

In addition to the above design considerations,we also need to consider lighting, fire hydrant and other issues. And the staff in the daily operation also need to regularly check the loft-style shelves of the old loss, as well as the use of various accessories.