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what is warehouse management

Jan 22, 2018

First, analyze what is warehouse management.Do you know how to works them carefully.

Warehouse management, also known as warehouse management, refers to the effective control over the receipt, storage and balance of warehousing and storage. Its purpose is to ensure that the warehousing and storage goods are intact and ensure the normal operation of production and operation, And on the basis of the classification of the activities of various types of cargo records, a clear chart to express the quantity and quality of warehousing goods, as well as the current location, department, order ownership and storage decentralization Integrated management style.


Practical articles: warehouse management processes and precautions

With the development of the market, the product is rich, there is no level of strength, it is difficult to manage well. Text to the computer, tabulation form. Wu will command, will arrange. Scientific management of the warehouse, you can ensure the normal supply of materials and production smoothly, to be familiar with the warehouse management process, then how to do? as follows:

1. Warehousing functions: three words: take charge of hair

Income: according to the order received materials, products. Tube: keep the material, product. Hair: release of materials, products.

2. Storage Notes: We gather together as: four, four clear, four Paul, four positioning

Four Modernization: Warehouse Management Scientific. (Computer, handling machine quit)

Storage standardization: special storage of dangerous goods. According to the nature of the categories, delineation of storage areas, classified custody.

Stacked shelves: conditional to be deposited into the shelves, open storage should pay attention to safety.

Piled up five or five: heap into fifty-five into a line, over the mesh, into a square, piles, into a stack of pendulum.

Four clear: the warehouse material to be clear, clear, quality, use clear.

Four Paul: Shelf: Good quality, no loss, no deterioration, no drop level.

Volume: the exact number of accounts, objects, cards match, no errors, no shortage

Paul production: send and receive quickly, for the production, to ensure that the production of materials

Security: to increase vigilance, strengthen security, fire prevention, accident prevention. Exclude hidden dangers at any time to ensure that the interests of the factory without loss.

Four Positioning: According to the library, container (rack), cargo layer, cargo number four consecutive number, and recorded in the ledger card.

3. Receiving and receiving process: It contains two aspects: the sending and receiving of materials and product delivery.

(1) material receiving and dispatching process:

Receipt: Supplier - Quantity Acceptance of Acceptance - Acceptance of Acceptance Quality - Qualified (Refunded to Supplier) - Entering the Depository - Preservation and Distribution of Forms

Hair: production order or collar / feeding orders - delivery of materials - delivery of materials - account records (the preservation and distribution of the form) (2) the process of sending and receiving finished products:

Income: Finished product production - Inspection - Eligibility (returned to the production line) - Treasury Account (Finished Product Inventory .P.132) - Preservation and Distribution of Forms

Fat: Shipping Order - Ship Inspection - Eligible (Rework) - Product Shipments - Billing - Forms

(3) finished product warehouse: warehouse manager received "bill of lading", out of "finished goods warehouse receipt," signed by the competent signature.

After the container arrives, the storage department verifies the containers' various documents and the OQC Group (Outgoing Quality Control) will also send people to supervise the shipment so as to prevent the occurrence of abnormal quantity and quality accidents.

Finished products into the unfinished container due to various reasons, to provide the end of the photo, and fill in the "finished goods into the cabinet anomaly report" together with the Department of Commerce also plans to control the Department.

After loading finished, the inspection team in the "finished goods warehouse receipt," signature, warehouse clerk to open the "go release", the warehouse manager, director of Planning and Control Department after the release of signature.

Finished shipper to fill in "loading list"

Warehouse manager according to the actual number of issued accounts.