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What Warehouse Management Must Know

May 29, 2017

A warehouse is a floorboard of buildings and places where goods are stored. The function of warehouse in logistics has been developed from material storage to receiving, sorting, measuring, packing, sorting, delivering, saving and so on.

Warehouse management operations should pay attention to the following problems:

1.The management of inventory is similar to the design of the configuration chart. Different goods will be stored on shelves according to the principle of classification and zoning management. The warehouse should be divided into at least three areas:

(1) A large number of storage area, that is to store pallets or FCL.

(2) The small storage area, the merchandise will be placed on the display rack.

(3) Return area ,goods which is ready to be exchanged are placed on the special shelves.

2. After the location is determined, a configuration map should be made and attached to the entrance of warehouse for easy access.

3. Storage of goods shall not contact with the ground directly. This is to avoid dampness and stack up neatly.

4. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity in the storage area, keep the ventilation well, dry and not humid.

5. The warehouse shall be equipped with waterproof, fireproof, burglarproof and other facilities to ensure the safety of the goods.

6. Commodity storage shelves should be set up inventory cards, the principle of "first in first out" should be paid attention to when goods are in and out. Color management can also be adopted, use different color labels weekly or monthly to clearly identify the date of purchase.

7. The warehouse administrator shall communicate with the ordering personnel in time for storage of the arrival goods. In addition, early warning notices of stock shortage should be put forward in case of shortage.

8. Warehouse storage and pickup should be carried out in accordance with the requirements, but in view of efficiency and safety, it is necessary to establish operating time regulations.

9. The entry and exit of goods shall be well registered so as to make clear for the responsibility.1.png

Editor: LHZB Storage Shelves