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Zhognshan Iron frame rack and pallet rack for install

Jan 14, 2019

Zhaoqing second-hand shelves One-hand iron frame material rack, Zhaoqing non-standard compartment construction, 16 years of custom 16-year brand and Zhongbang attic shelf combination, 24-hour fast map service 5,000 companies around 16 years. Zhongshan warehouse shelf shelves _ high quality and low cost 3h to the scene, the service can be customized. Practical and beautiful, flexible, can adjust the spacing and number of layers between the layers. The wood structure is mainly made of wood (medium fiber board, splint, etc.), using advanced spraying technology, and adopting the national environmental quality system. Paint raw materials, coating the surface of counters and other display props, iron wood combined with its beautiful appearance, firm structure, diverse specifications, easy installation, suitable for all types of supermarkets, chain stores, and convenience store department stores. Single and double-sided shelves can be combined with each other, and the layer spacing can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the size of the product Zhaoqing second-hand shelves, one-hand iron frame material frame, Zhaoqing non-standard compartment construction.