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Zhongshan Heavy-duty Shelving Factory Wheels Shelves Logistics Warehouse Shelves

Jun 16, 2018

Zhongshan Heavy-duty Shelving Factory Wheels Shelves Logistics Warehouse Shelves Zhongshan Hardware Heavy-duty Shelving Factory 18923316395 Heavy-duty shelving is the most commonly used kind of shelf, 17-year heavy duty attic shelf export experience, each layer bearing more than 1000Kg, can be customized bearing layer height. Heavy shelves have a good picking efficiency and can store heavier items but have a lower storage density. Heavy shelves are also called pallet racks. They have the features of large bearing capacity, wide range of high adaptability, mechanical access, and high selection efficiency, but their space utilization rate is general. Widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other fields, it is applicable to many varieties of small batches of goods, but also to a small variety of large quantities of goods. This kind of shelf is used most in high-level warehouses and super high-level warehouses (shelves are mostly used in automated warehouses). Zhongshan Heavy-duty Shelf Factory One Model: JS3H20060Z

Specifications: length 200cmx width 90cmx height 200cm

Shelf layer: 4 layers (can increase the number of layers) can be customized

Shelf load: 1000KG/layer

Column thickness: 90*45*1.5mm C steel

Beam specifications: 105*50*1.1mm P-shaped steel

Laminate thickness: 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate or cast iron plate etc. Case A certain electrical plant storage heavy-duty shelf warehouse 5000mm high, which custom-made two-story beam with 3 floors of storage.