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Zhongshan lianhezhongbang Heavy-duty rack beams for the profile

Feb 18, 2018

lianhezhongbang heavy shelf beams for the profile


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Zhongshan lianhezhongbang heavy-duty shelves roll goods, because the carrying capacity in addition to downward, then to both sides of the expansion, so the traditional beam load does not meet the placement of such goods, so we placed in the shelf similar to the well-shaped Of course, taking into account the actual carrying capacity, we have increased the number of shelving materials and lateral support beams.


In consultation with the customer, we have added foot protectors to protect the racks from the necessary protections to prevent damage to the shelves or endanger the safety of the racks during mishandling. At the first end of each row in the middle shelf, we added a foot protector.


Shelf shelves, we chose to hold the pipe, which is a special section of Dongguan heavy shelf beams. Each shelf, we use the welding method, the five profiles, through the vertical two horizontal arrangement of three, welded together to apply to the roll of goods placed.


The shelves and shelves of the structure, it is fully applicable to the heavy goods shelves cargo loading requirements, the rational will be different directions of the force into the same side of the force, so that the overall shelf stress more coordinated, shelves The overall stability is higher.