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Zhongshan Variety Loft built SS400 steel shelf attic custom

Aug 28, 2018

Zhongshan Variety Loft built SS400 steel shelf attic custom Zhongshan Variety Attic, loft platform shelf is a shelf type for storing light and light small items, especially suitable for warehouse storage warehouses. According to Kirede shelf summary, attic platform shelf planning and design needs attention

The weight of the material used in the attic platform determines the materials we use when designing the attic platform. If your warehouse is too wide and requires a strong carrying capacity, then we will use I-beams for your design. Because the span of the I-beam is large, the carrying capacity is strong. If your warehouse is narrow, then we will use channel steel or composite poles for your design. If the load is not so high, and the cost is lower, we will use wood to make the floor, which can save a lot of cost!

Height of the attic platform

In our design, the height of the attic platform depends on the height of your warehouse. If your warehouse is 5m high and you use manual pick-up, then we recommend 2.2m for the first floor and 2.5m for the second floor. This is enough no matter what space you want on your platform. If your warehouse is only about 4 meters, then we recommend that you set the first floor to 1.8 meters and the top level to about 2 meters. Because the height of our country is generally around 1.7-1.8 meters, the first layer is decided.