Butterfly Iron Cages Mobile Folding Cage Supplier For Warehouse Storage

Butterfly Iron Cages Mobile Folding Cage Supplier For Warehouse Storage
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Warehouse storage wire cage is also called butterfly cage and warehouse cage.For the metal cage structure, usually used to store or transport metal parts. Divided into non-foldable cage and collapsible cage .One of the non-folding type due to a special reinforcement, so bearing a larger weight, generally can be stacked more layers.The foldable design for the access at any time to provide a convenient. In the stack storage, you can always open the door to save or remove the items, remove the trouble of opening the warehouse.

Storage cage can storage goods, the highest stacking can up to four layer.It can achieve three-dimensional storage. storage cage is the main raw material is pulled into a strong wire, the general wire diameter is 5mm, 6mm, 6.4mm.Mesh welding mesh spacing is generally 50*100,100 * 100,50 * 50mm.

The bottom of the storage cage is made of U-shaped steel welded, U-shaped steel is cold rolling strip rolling mill rolling from the bottom of the four corners with a punching made of stamping parts.

Advantage of folding cages

1.Metal auxiliary structure to ensure that the storage cage between the stability of the stacking. 

2.Multi-spot welding structure to ensure storage cage durable.                                       

3.Hinge auxiliary structure help to strengthen the storage cage hinge strength.                  

4.Spiral hinge ensure that the storage cage when not in use can be folded to reduce the space occupied.

5.The bottom of the U-channel welding reinforcement to ensure the carrying capacity of storage cage.

6.Special foot structure, can make the storage cage itself heap high stability.

7.Folding metal handle, grasp the natural, easy to switch. 8, the latch structure to ensure that the storage cage in the stacking of each other can also open the storage door to facilitate the extract.

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