Iron Wire Mesh Supplier For Warehouse Storage

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China iron wire mesh supplier for warehouse storage

Barbed iron wire fence is the production of cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire, PVC wire welded into the fence wire mesh products, with connecting accessories and steel pipe pillars fixed.

Barbed wire fence with cold drawn low-carbon wire welded into a net-shaped crimping and mesh one of the fence, in use will be connected to the pipe with the steel pillar fixed.

Wire Mesh Fence Product Specifications,

Spinning wire by 4.5mm - 5.5mm

Mesh 50mm x 50mm surrounded by double wire

Size is 2300*3000mm,upright post:48*2mm,no frame, accessories: rain caps, connecting cards, anti-theft bolts,connection: card access.


1.Iron wire mesh is called Isolated network has a simple structure, the overall solid, light and beautiful,

2.Installation speed and so on

3.High strength, good steel, handsome in appearance, wide field of vision, easy to install, feel bright, relaxed features.

4.Fence Grid structure is concise, easy to transport, installation from terrain restrictions, especially for the mountains, slopes, multi-bend zone with strong adaptability. 

The product is rugged, the price is low, suitable for large area use.

The wire mesh also used used for high-speed railway, highways, viaducts, rail transportation, power stations, hospitals, schools,industrial enterprises construction sites and so on.