Container Trolley Hand Truck Shelf Trolley Equipment Manufacture

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Container Trolley Hand Truck Shelf Trolley Equipment Manufacture.

Trolley is one of the basic tools for realizing cargo handling, which is one of the commonly used handling equipment for factories, warehouses and supermarkets. It has the characteristics of simple structure and light weight. The warehouse trolley can easily carry the cargo handling.It is a kind of plane transportation equipment, it is easy to operate in a small range of practical, practical performance for most of the conditions of a small amount of small-scale temporary short-distance transport, which is widely used in various types Operating environment.Industrial hand truck is used for all kinds storage warehouse.

1.Describe:Standard industrial roll container, widely used throughout Europe


1) Cargo handling saves time and effort.

2) According to request, can be match guardrail, wire mesh and layer board.

3) Customized any size by clients' requirements.

4) Bright color also can be selected.

5) Capacity is up to 500kg.

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