Steel Two Layer Platform Beds Bunk Steel Beds

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Bunk steel beds

  1. Describe: The bunk steel beds of main body by cold rolling stamping and quality of square tube, ladder,fence for 25mm in diameter round of high quality steel tubes. Surface, the green environmental protection powder is non-toxic, no side effects,no peculiar smell, good surface finish,corrosion ability,strong and durable.Disassemble type,simple installation,convenient.

The use of high-quality steel, bed board made of high quality wood, both sides of the net light, even the ministry of science and Technology Office Equipment Co., Ltd. production of double level steel bed or single dormitory bed. The bed surface for the phosphating electrostatic spray made. Steel Bed can be set to the bottom of the two sets of clothing shoe shoes fine fine handsome style This is the ideal choice for students, can be on demand, quality and cheap, large favorably. The surface coating is durable, resistant to stamping, corrosion-resistant, clean and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture-proof non-deformation.The use of a cold-rolled steel plate by cutting, stamping, bending, welding and assembly.The Up and down with a combination of infinite extension. All products can be flexible combination, most of the products can be free disassembly, highly versatile.

2. Feature:

A): Size can be set according to client’s requirements.

B): Bright beautiful Colors can be selected.

3. Appliance area: Apply for factory, company, school, and armed units collective dormitory use.

4. After -sales service: 10 years warranty