Steel Shelf Trolley Combination System Supplier

Steel Shelf Trolley Combination System Supplier
Steel Shelf Trolley Combination System Supplier
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Our factory has developed a new trolley that is particularly suitable for use in warehouses and is a combination of trolleys that combine the actual use of medium heavy-duty shelves and carts.

The steel storage trolley is made of wheel,crossed bar, diagonal bar, column, polywood and so on.The layers of shelf can be selected by yourself.The wheel is nice and can be turned to the rear wheel, it used to control the direction of rotation flexibility and freedom, not easy to slip, to withstand gravity.The height of shelf can be 2000mm,the width can be 600mm.The factory trolley can comfigured according to client's requirements.

Feature of steel shelf trolley

1. It with a sound, reliable protection.

2.Beautiful appearance smart, compact body structure, small size, light weight, durable and reliable.

3. No harm to the human body. Applicable to the strict requirements of environmental emissions, logistics, relatively narrow places, driving flexible.

4. No noise, low energy consumption, strong work persistence.

5. Car body compact, flexible steering, you can easily change any direction.

The warehouse storage trolley is very suitable for hospitals, supermarkets, airports, railway stations, bus stations, waiting hall, elevator and close, frequent handling of goods places, is the handling of small items instead of manpower handling the ideal means of transport.