Storage Stacking Racks Folding Grille Cage Warehouse Supplier

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Storage Stacking Racks Folding Grille Cage Warehouse Supplier

1. Describe:

Warehouse storage stacking racks also called Heavy-duty Garment Cage is one kind of special for clothing and garment storage .The storage system is mainly made of pallet rack and cage.When storing the goods, the pallet can be overlapped with bracing tubes. When the pallet cage is not used, the bracing tubes can be removed to save space.

Consistent size and volume, easy to check and count for warehouse inventory.

Wild applications, with mechanization moving equipment, it can be used in transportation, loading, unloading and storage etc.

2. Feature: 

1) The best load bearing capacity of all pallets.

2) 100% environment friendly recyclable, saving resources.

3) Anti-slip treatment of surface, edge covering treatment. Stable packing performance.

4) Waterproof, rust-proof, environment friendly compared to wood pallets.

5) Advantage in strength, wear resistance, temperature resistance and cost compared to plastic pallets.

6) Particularly for export it does not require fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anti-corrosion treatment and it meets international environmental protection regulations.

7) Flexible, fork can be inserted from four directions, increasing space utilization and making it easy to operate. And the sturdy base design makes it suitable for roller conveyance and automatic packaging system.

8) Steel pallet , 4 way entry pallet, 2 way entry pallet, one way pallet Euro standard size pallet, 2 ways steel material pallet, etc can be suitable for this kind of stacking racks cage.

3. Appliance area: apply for cloth or garment factory to stacking or other factory.

4. After-sales service: 10 years warranty