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The use of logistics trolley:

Logistics trolleys are often used in large supermarket logistics distribution or logistics between the factory process turnover.

Advantages of logistics trolley:

1.The logistics industry, the processing industry handling tool, can make the production line space to do its operation;

2.Planning production, saving manpower, reduce costs, to achieve high capacity, high quality;

3.The product handling the mainstream, to ensure that personnel, items in the handling process of the safe and reliable;

4. The large space and the application of flexible, folding collection does not take up space.

5. With signs, a clear process of operation, transport light and flexible operation is simple.

6. High mobility, beautiful structure, the surface electrostatic spray treatment, long service life.Easy to transport.

7.The use of round pipe welding into the surface, and with the fixture connection, folding.

8.High mobility, scientific design, reasonable structure, beautiful.

9.According to customer requirements to add laminates, and with four activities to facilitate the flow of goods, and can join the connector and forklift connection.

10.Professional design, easy to operate, save time, effort. Widely used in logistics and distribution industry and processing industry. It is small object handling must be selected, handling, storage, display a variety of purposes.