H-beam Mezzanine Racks Combination Manufacture

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China H-beam Mezzanine racks combination Manufacture

H-beam mezzanine platform using H-beam and cold-rolled cross-beam as the main support plus floor panels.

The floor panels are usually used wood or cold-rolled steel buckle for support goods. And it have set up staircase rails, with the use of lifting platform efficiency doubled.

China mezzanine platform shelf structure features:

1, It require the construction of steel platform  and the platform height of the highest point is greater than or equal to 4.5M, this height can make  full use of warehouse space.

2, The structure is simple, low cost, the upper and lower space unobstructed, large span, in the ability, security and stability.

3, The H-beam style mezzanine with beautiful design, simple structure. Modular installation, easy to disassemble.it also according to the field of flexible design.

4, The goods down stairs can choose forklift, lifting platform, cargo ladder, etc.

The use of I-beam platform:

H-beam platform can use for a higher warehouse, the goods heavier, requiring large span, large storage capacity of the case.And it also can make full use of space, save the treasury area.  Flexible usage for choice, the upper space can be used as storage or office space.China mezzanine racking system used widely used in electronic appliances, hardware, communications, printing and so on.

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