Combination Multi-tiers Mezzanine Racking System

Mezzanine floor 1. Describe: Mezzanine floor known as Mezzanine racking combination, is applicable to the high warehouse and storage the light and handy goods, artificial access, large storage capacity.It can improve the warehouse space utilization. Mezzanine racking combination, we usually...

Product Details

Mezzanine floor  We are offer storage shelves with high quality.  Mezzanine floor known as Mezzanine racking combination.             

Loading of the shelving in mezzanine is normally less than 500kg per layer; the height of per level is between 2200 to 2700mm.

Height of shelving on top of mezzanine is around 2000mm. Staircase, hydrauliclift table and lift are equipped, combined with forklifts, for moving goods from ground to floor panels.

Mezzanine is freely to design to be two-layer or three-layer based on the requirements of customers. Application area: The usable height should be more than 4000mm, light shelving or pallets could be installed or pilled on steel plank directly. It is also regarded as a beautiful and interesting office.

4.After-sales service: We are obliged to provide operation training for the sake of your better using the system.

The mezzanine shelf project for Electronic warehouse

Item for shelf optionsize mmThickness mmSpareMETERSWeight KG/m
Double upright Post90*140*2.02.00 2523.96
100*140*2.02.00 2624.43
120*140*2.02.00 2625.53
Step beam 60*40*22*1.31.30 1651.94
60*40*22*1.51.50 1651.94
Box Beam50*25*1.31.30 /1.368
50*30*1.51.50 /2.136
50*50*1.31.40 /2.136
60*40*1.41.40 /2.136
80*40*1.41.40 /2.576
100*50*2.02.00 /4.71
Double C Beam75*50*1.31.30 1753.3
75*50*1.51.50 1754.12
90*50*1.31.30 1903.6
105*50*1.61.60 2053.86
120*50*1.61.60 2205.18
135*50*1.61.60 2355.53
150*50*1.61.60 2525.93
150*50*2.02.00 2527.91
160*50*2.02.00 2628.23
180*50*2.02.00 2828.86
200*50*2.02.00 3029.48
230*50*2.02.00 33210.42

Steel Panel for

Mezzanine Floor

200*2.02.00 2824.43
200*2.52.50 2825.53
250*2.02.00 3325.21
250*2.52.50 3326.52
H/D Branch for shelf30*15*1.3mm1.30 /0.57
30*25*1.3mm1.30 /1
30*25*1.6mm1.60 /1.23



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