Upright Post Mezzanine Making A Best Storage Solution For You

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Mezzanine shelving system is to build a middle attic in the work site or on the shelf, to increase the storage space, can be two or three loft, appropriate access to some light and small goods, suitable for many varieties of large quantities or more varieties of small quantities of goods, manual access to goods. The goods are usually sent by forklift, hydraulic lift or freight ladder to the second floor, third floor, and then by a light car or hydraulic pallet truck to a location. Installation and disassembly is convenient and flexible, according to the site and need the flexible design of two layer, three layer attic, make full use of space, floor design according to various installation customization, easy assembly at the scene, without welding.

Floor panels are usually made of cold rolled steel slabs, interlock structure.Between the floor slab and the floor beam, the lock is locked by the gold extension patent locking mechanism. Compared with the traditional pattern steel floor or steel grid floor, it has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high accuracy, smooth surface and easy locking. Matching lighting system, access and management are more convenient. Per square meter load is usually less than 500kg, floor spacing is usually 2.2m ~ 2.7m, top shelf height is generally about 2m. Taking full account of the convenience of staff operations. Mezzanine shelf systems are widely used in various fields.


The features of mezzanine shelf system:

(1)   Upright post mezzanine systems can enhance the height of the shelves, make full use of storage height, and make better use of storage space.

(2)   Mezzanine laying special shelves, and pattern steel plate or just grille compared to the ability to build a strong, good integrity, evenly loaded, the surface smooth, easy to lock and so on.

(3)   Mezzanine shelf full consideration of humanized logistics, design aesthetic, generous structure. Installation, easy to disassemble, according to the field of flexible design.

(4)   Mezzanine is suitable for storing a variety of items.