Clothing Warehouse Storage Shelves Mezzanine Combination

Clothing Warehouse Storage Shelves Mezzanine Combination
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Customized clothing warehouse storage shelves mezzanine combination

The loft is built in the existing workplace or shelves to build an intermediate attic to increase the storage space, you can do two to three loft, suitable for multi-species large quantities or more varieties of small quantities of goods.

Attic shelf combination is also suitable for garment factories, clothing storage. The upper can be made into the attic above to do some modular shelves.

Composite loft Description: also known as multi-storey shelves, from the shelves, stairs and railings, the bottom of the shelf is the support of the upper shelves, Liaocheng transit with its double or multi-layer co-design, abundant application of the upper space of the warehouse, Greatly increase the number of storage, in the space application rate has a unique advantage. With the direct delivery equipment, greatly improve the efficiency of operations.


1.Can increase the storage capacity of the goods.

2.Can be divided into categories of clothing.

3.Column storage warehouse loft shelf platform storage rate is very high, can improve the warehouse 2 times the storage, is also very convenient to use, is the loft in the low cost of a shelf

The use of occasions, storage items, the environment, temperature, cleanliness and many other factors, determines the difference between the shelf system, in this only a simple list of some of the more commonly used types of shelf systems.In the small electronics factory, third-party logistics, factory warehouses and large warehouses have a high value, it can be used to do office,can also be used for storage of a variety of storage, is the most economical storage shelves equipment.


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