I-beam Upright Steel Platform

I-beam Upright Steel Platform
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Upright Steel platform is also a storage equipment. This kind of shelf type steel platform is usually composed of platform structure, usually by beam, primary and secondary beams, columns, columns between the support, as well as ladders, railings and other components.

It is suggested that the platform in the portal frame structure may adopt the following support: 

(1) one end is supported on the frame and the other end is provided with a platform column;

(2) Both ends are supported on the column.

(3)For the mezzanine  platform is not allowed to set the lower part of the platform, and the load of light structure, such as aisle, the platform can be suspended in the ramp on the ramp, the column can be changed into a boom.

Steel structure platform is a fully assembled structure, flexible design, according to different scene conditions designed and manufactured meet the requirements of the site, the use of functional requirements and meet the logistics requirements of the steel platform. In the modern storage more widely used. Such as for warehouses, offices, walkways and so on.


1.Steel is characterized by its own high strength, light weight, stiffness, it is used to build large span and high, super heavy buildings are particularly suitable

2.The material of the steel structure is homogeneous and isotropic, is an ideal elastomer, the most basic engineering mechanics of the basic assumptions, is now less than ideal building materials.

3.Its material is plastic, tough and good, can have a large deformation, so it can withstand the dynamic load. Many large-scale building is the main steel structure, the world's first door, is located in Guangzhou is to steel as the main body.

4.The construction period is short, a three hundred square meters of construction, only five people, thirty working days, from construction to decoration in just one month to do. Can save money, save time, save labor.

5.Steel construction of a higher degree of industrialization, high degree of mechanization, can be specialized production, improve work efficiency and reduce the difficulty of construction. And at this stage of the high-speed energy-saving society is very consistent.