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Flexible cantilever mezzanine design manufacture 

Flexible cantilever racks is also know as lumber shelf,tube shelf with mezzanine combination.

Mezzanine cantilevered shelves combination,if it divide into up and down two layers can do cantilevered attic shelf combination.

If it is used to store some of the irregular products, you can consider using this attic shelf combination.

The height of mezzanine should be at least 4 meters,and it doesn’t match this height,that is no not a good choice.Cantilever Rack columns are made of H-shaped or cold-rolled steel.

Cantilever shelf with square tube, cantilever racks used Cold rolled steel or H-shaped steel.

Cantilever and column between the use of plug-in or bolt connection, between the base and the column bolts connected to the base using cold-rolled steel or H-beam.

Cargo access by forklift, driving or manual. Shelf height is usually within 2.5 meters (such as by forklift access can be up to 6 meters), cantilever length of 1.5 meters, the load per arm is usually less than 1000 KG.


1.Used or new cantilever racks with mezzanine combination,it not only can storage  suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods.And it also can storage regular goods.

2.Cantilever can be single or double, cantilevered shelves with a stable structure, good load capacity, high space utilization. Cargo access by forklift, driving or manual.

3.This kind of mezzanine shelf can you enlarge your warehouse and usage become flexible.

3.Application of cantilevered shelves for machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets. After the shelves, especially for small space, low degree of the Treasury, easy management, wide field of vision, utilization higher than the average shelf.The combination of these lumber racks with attics can up to 60%.

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