Furniture Steel Mezzanine Floor Platform

Furniture Steel Mezzanine Floor Platform
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Furniture custom made steel mezzanine floor platform

You can buy or wholesale our cheap but quality special mezzanine floor racking at competitive price with high quality.Our factory in mezzanine floor for 15years expenriments.

Loft furniture floor panel selection Saxon special special C-shaped cold-formed pattern steel plate or hollow plate, the use of buckle plate structure, and primary and secondary beam steel fixed, the overall structure of the platform is strong, according to the actual needs of different floor panels to choose Meet the fire or anti-dust, anti-small pieces fall requirements. Below the floor can also be configured according to the need for lighting systems.

Loft-style shelves are widely used in the Treasury higher, smaller goods, manual access, storage capacity of the larger circumstances, it can make full use of space, saving the Treasury area. According to the actual site and specific requirements, can be designed as single or multi-storey loft, usually 2-3 layers. Particularly applicable to electronic devices and other business products to save the classification, carrying ≤ 500kg / layer.

The storage shelf mezzaznine floor for furniture area,it's suitable for furniture area. 

Project mezzanine floor -for furniture factory-you can put furniture component in cartons or put them on the floor.


Porject blue color mezzanine floor for modern furniture-indoor furniture products

on the mezzanine


The mezzanine of floor can put on ground or on the upper floor.

This style of mezzanine floor can not only added space of your warehouse,but also can help you save money.

The client's list as blow show of green and Toyota and Media and so on