Furniture Steel Structrure Platform Racks Shelf Combination

Furniture Steel Structrure Platform Racks China Shelf Combination shaping posts mezzanine Mezzanine is using racks and shaping posts to support the second floor or even the third floor. It always comes with stairs and goods elevator. This solution is suitable for the high height and long...

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Furniture Steel Structrure Platform Racks China Shelf Combination

shaping posts mezzanine Mezzanine is using racks and shaping posts to support the second floor or even the third floor. It always comes with stairs and goods elevator. This solution is suitable for the high height and long distance posts warehouse, light goods, manually storage and even offices and showrooms.

.Steel platform suitable for higher warehouse, heavy cargo, requiring large-span, lower storage capacity is large, can make full use of space, saving the Treasury area. Flexible use of space, the upper space can be used as storage or office space, it is widely used in electronic appliances, hardware, communications, and printing.
2.The use of H-beam steel and cold rolled across the platform as the main support beam plus panels, floor panels usually use wood or cold-rolled special steel gusset plate and the like; provided with stairs and rails, with the lifting platform productive.


 1.Requires internet site storey steel structures lowest point ≥4.5M, can make full use of space, doubling the Treasury area.
 2.Simple structure, low cost, open space on the lower span, strong carrying ability, integrity, and security.
 3.Beautiful design, simple structure. Modular installation, easy removal, according to the ground, flexible design.
 4.The upper and lower floors cargo trucks Alternatively, lifting platforms, freight and other means.