Heavy Shelves Mezzanine Combination Platform

Heavy Shelves Mezzanine Combination Platform
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As we know that the mezzanine shelf combination can be divided into,upright post mezzanine shelf,mezzanine storage shelf,Column-style attic shelves, pillar-style loft shelves, shelf-style attic platform, multi-storey shelf platform and so on.

Shelf form: attic shelves,under normal circumstances the attic is divided into shelf parts and mezzanine parts. Shelf parts generally by the column, beams, laminates and other components; mezzanine parts generally by the floor beam, floor, railings, stairs, slides, lifting platform (optional), package edge, fasteners and other components.

1.Shelf manufacturing precision: parts to take cold punching machine punching positioning, to ensure its consistency. Shelf structure features,the use of mechanical punching column, beams, to inverted eight-hole structure of the lock, with easy assembly and disassembly, no need to use strong, put the pressure generated by the goods from the tight lock principle. 

2.The safety performance, column and beam connection, beam column and column to take the plug type with the same time in the column on the hole into the safety pin pin, so as to ensure that the impact will not be affected by the impact of the shelf tilt.

the pressure generated by the goods from the tight lock principle. 

3.Shelf size and load requirements, according to your company requirements.

4.Shelf in accordance with national and industry standards under the premise of strict design in accordance with the requirements of the tender documents.The shelf design takes into account the deformation caused by the uneven distribution of the weight of the cargo.Consider the impact of the storage of goods,the weight of the cargo.

5.Consider the impact of the earthquake on the shelves.

8.To meet customer requirements, to ensure the performance of the premise of the use of the shelf, the best use of the program.The main raw materials of the shelves are made of high-quality steel steel Q235 or SS400, SPCC, the surface of the use of electrostatic spray treatment (in addition to galvanized components)After the completion of the design of the drawings should be timely and customer communication and confirmation.

addition to galvanized components)

9.In the shelf design selection, the shelf to go through the finite element analysis, and strive to rational selection, to avoid unnecessary waste.

We put the reliability and safety of the first in the design of the program, taking into account the economy of the selection


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