Loft Shelf Platform Combination Structure

Loft Shelf Platform Combination Structure
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1, the span can be large or smaller according to customer requirements, the span is generally in the range of 2.2 m -3.5 m

2, the loft is a prerequisite for loft shelves, the height of the warehouse must have more than 4 meters, so that the height of the two can be controlled at about 2 meters to facilitate the staff to the upper access to goods.

3, the platform must be equipped with stairs, in order to facilitate staff to work on the second floor.

The blue part is the entrance and exit, the forklift can easily carry the goods or transport away. No wall with a rotten, security personnel will not appear security incidents.

To the column, beam, hook and panel combination, a full set of combinations without welding bonding, are iron buckle hanging, installation, disassembly is very convenient; variety of combinations, according to the actual needs of customers and applications designed, Of the actual space; all the design are safe and stable as the fundamental principle; site changes can be reused; only need to add and replace parts and then re-install can be; can be installed in stages, will not interrupt the customer business or production operations; For customers to choose, with your company's image; rust level is high, the surface treatment is not easy to wear; platform surface can choose a variety of materials as a panel; every year free security.