Mezzanine Cantilever Shelf System

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Mezzanine style shelves: for the limited variety of venues, the number of small cases, it can increase in the existing site several times the utilization rate.It can be used with the lift operation. Full modular structure, dedicated light steel floor, low cost, fast construction. It can be based on the actual site and needs, flexible design into a two-story make full use of space.

The basic components of the modular shelves are perforated steel columns, beams, shelves and other accessories, it can be composed of a variety of highly versatile shelves, a combination of a variety of ways. This kind of shelf beam can be adjusted according to the height of the goods, can achieve a grid of a cargo or a double space.It can achieve the same reservoir area, the storage of different goods. Shelf columns and beams are assembled in various forms, some in the form of card hooks, some in the form of fastening, and some in the form of locking. Our common combination of shelves are medium-sized modular loft, heavy-style loft-style combination of shelves. Cantilever loft combination shelves is also a common storage shelf.

Shelf attic height 5 mm, lower height 2.5 mm, the first layer made cantilevered shelves, arm length 1.5 mm, three cantilever, each arm can bear 1 ton.Up layer is the mezzanine, so you can store specifications or non-standard products, free combination. Loft plating, you can shop plywood, steel, according to the needs of customers to choose.

The advantages of the loft cantilevered shelves:

1. Save warehouse space and improve storage utilization

2. Installation is simple, fast, solid and reliable advantages

3. Effective use of space to support the shelves, and then take a layer of attic to increase storage area

4. Mezzanine general use of light handling equipment operations, storage of longer storage and lighter goods.

Cantilever mezzanine shelf combination