Office Storage Lofts Racks Upright Mezzanine Combination Manufacture

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Office Storage Lofts Racks Upright Mezzanine Combination Manufacture

The office storage mezzanine racks is also known as upright mezzanine combination.Raised Mezzanine Floor Racking can build a office on the second floor.It’s based on your space of warehouse.
The first floor as a warehouse, the second floor can be office, but also the second floor storage goods. The first floor office use of the attic shelf has been the state one of the best-selling products.It is in the existing workplace or shelves to build two or three lofts to achieve more than twice the storage rate.
However, to meet the needs of different users, our designers for the different characteristics of the user will use a variety of design options.

Full storage type of light small and medium goods warehouse racks: According to the warehouse properties, to determine the two lofts, or three lofts.Then determine the properties according to the loft bearing, size, specifications and so on. This type of storage system, usually using medium-shelf shelves or heavy shelf shelves as the main body and floor support, floor panels are usually selected cold-rolled steel floor, pattern steel floor or steel grille floor, according to user needs to determine the specific Office Work platform for mezzanine storage shelf manufacture.
The original warehouse can  be able to place the goods, and now as long as half of the warehouse space enough.
Lianhe Zhongbang Warehouse Logistics Racking Factory Pacific Insurance Guarantee. There are free 10-year security inspection services, warehousing logistics shelf factory shelf modular loft warehousing.

Office storage integrated warehouse: According to the special needs of users, determine the office area and cargo storage area, and then determine the shelf size and specifications,this is called Storage Mezzanine,Mezzanine platform,Steel Mezzanine and so on.

This kind of warehousing systems, usually by forklifts, hydraulic lifts or freight elevators to the second floor, third floor, and then by a light car or hydraulic pallet truck to a location, easy storage, high efficiency, and can save half of the manpower cost.

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