Special Shelf Mezzanine Combination Manufacture

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Special Shelf Mezzanine Combination Manufacture

Shelf Mezzanine combination, which can be used according to the actual warehouse. The platform below or above mezzanine you can choose to add shelf, if the release is a relatively heavy product, bearing about 1000kg can choose heavy-duty shelf mezzanine combination.

The capacity of the storage shelf is 500kg per layer,and the face of floor,the capacity is 300-1000kg per square.The floor spacing is usually 2.2m to 2.7m.Top shelf height is generally about 2m, taking into account the convenience of man operation.

Usually equipped with stairs, hydraulic lifts or elevators, or by truck to the goods upstairs,

Installation, easy and flexible demolition, according to the actual needs, flexible design into a two-story, three -layer mezzanine, make full use of space.

The structure of shelf mezzanine combination

1.The span can be based on customer requirements can be large or smaller, the span is generally 2.5 m -3.5 m range.

2.The prerequisite for the loft is that the lowest height of the warehouse must be more than 4 meters, so that the height of the second floor can be controlled at about 2 meters to facilitate the staff to the upper access to goods.

3.Platform must be equipped with stairs, in order to facilitate staff to work on the second floor. The blue part is out of the mouth, forklift can easily put the goods are shipped or transported.


1.The heavy-duty storage shelf can add the usage of space.

2.The use of shelves as the main body, floor panels are usually selected cold-rolled steel floor.Compared with the traditional pattern steel floor or steel grille floor, it has a strong carrying capacity, good integrity, good load uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, easy to lock and other advantages,

3.Interlocking structure, floor panels and floor beams between the use of locking mechanism lock;

4.Matching lighting system, access, management are more convenient, widely used in automotive, electronics, light industry, machinery and other industries.

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