Usage Powder Coated Mezzanine Floor

Usage Powder Coated Mezzanine Floor
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Usage Powder Coated Mezzanine Floor for carton box storage.

Do you now how to choose warehouse shelves for your warehouse

Spraying the pole loft platform system is to build a loft in the existing workplace to increase the storage space, can do two or three floor, should access some light bulb and small pieces of goods, suitable for multi-species large quantities or more small Goods, usually by the forklift, hydraulic lift or freight ladder to the second floor, third floor, and then by a light car or hydraulic pallet truck to a location.

Floor design according to a variety of installation conditions can be easily assembled in the field, without welding. Column platform system in the field of auto parts industry is very suitable.

Height can be customized

Generally need at least 5 meters high 

Material Q231 

Span can be customized 

Generally 3 * 3 m or 3 *5 m 

Loading Capacity can be customized

Generally 300-800kg / square meters

The solution for poder coated mezzanine floor in Malaysia


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