Warehouse Mezzanine Shelf System

Warehouse Mezzanine Shelf System
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Mezzanine systems add a second or third level inside a facility and thereby double or triple the

existing space. Typically, mezzanines are used to create new production, office, storage or assembly

space, locker rooms, parts departments, stockrooms, cafeterias, stockrooms, company records

storage and work platforms. Mezzanine systems can be installed inside manufacturing and

processing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants,hospitals, automotive dealerships, universities, government facilities and more.

Mezzanines allow you to gain the space you need without building a new facility or expanding

outward. Think of a mezzanine as the solution that helps you expand within. They can be installed warehouse Mezzanine shelf system inside any facility that has a ceiling height greater than 15 feet. If you have more than 30 feet of overhead space, a multi-level mezzanine can be built to meet your exact area and height


Advantages of Mezzanine Systems:

Help maximize existing plant space.

Create more square footage without expanding your facility.

Double or triple the existing space inside your facility.

Accommodate lighting, sprinkler pipe, HVAC ducts, electrical and computer conduit.

Can be designed to meet your exact space requirements.

Can be modified to meet future growth needs and planned expansion.

Improve inventory management & control.

Can be customized to fit around existing equipment, building columns and other obstructions –

even around angled and curved walls.

Mezzanine systems Porject in Guangzhou City.The groud you can put machine under mezzanine floor ,the up floor you can put some mezzanine on there. 


Mezzanines save additional energy costs

 (heat, airconditioning, electricity)

save land acquisition costs, save property taxes and insurance premiums

and qualify for accelerated tax depreciation (one-time investment).