Industrial Mezzanine Racking Combination System

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Product Details

Integrated type racks is known as Mezzanine racking combination, applicable to the high warehouse and storage, the light and handy goods, artificial access, large storage capacity, can improve the warehouse space utilization.  Mezzanine racking combination in auto parts, auto 4S shops, light industry, electronics and other industries have more applications.

Mezzanine racking combination ,we usually designed for the rackings in the bottom, and the upper is platform form, also can be designed  racking and shelves for upper and down floor. The bottom racking is not only keeping the material, and is superstructure bearing beam support at the same time . As well its can be designed into multi-layer floor (usually 2-3 layers), equipped with staircases, handrails, lift and lighting system, etc.

2. Features

1, Surface Treatment:electrostatic powder spraying treatment, beautiful appearance design, structure, and easy.

2, Reasonable floor design: usually 2-3 layers, equipped with stair ,rail and goods promote the elevator, etc.

3, Strong Capacity :columns, beams, beam cross-section optimization, strong bearing capacity.

4, The Removable structure: complete set of  shelves can be optional combination, installation, remove the convenient and flexible.

5, The feasibility of the design, can be according to the actual space, flexible design into a layer or multilayer mezzanine, make full use of the storage space.

6, The humanized design: full consideration to humanized logistics, design beautiful, structure and easy.Convenient installation, disassembly, flexible according to field design.

7, High Flexibility :its upper can is the structure of the platform can also be a shelf.The bottom shelf can be stored materials and supporting of the floor, extremely flexibility.

8, The special floor: the mezzanine racking have compared with steel panel or plywood for you uption, and the plate grating layer ability strong, uniform, smooth, easy to lock, etc.

9, Large storage : apply to the high warehouse, small goods, manual access, storage of large quantities of goods and save the space.