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2018 New Design Cantilever Storage Racking System

Jan 17, 2018

2018 new design cantilever shelves (weight type) one arm arm heavy shelves (cantilever shelves) combination shelves (Alliance and Zhongbang shelf factory) 

13640468492 Free special door: to understand the demand, tailored save you time! Its value is mainly reflected in the operation of the time, the width of the warehouse can be combined with the special structure or the like to carry out special operation and so on.

2. To columns, beams, hooks and panels from the combination of a full set of welding without welding, are linked with the iron buckle, the installation

2, disassembly is very easy;

3. All designs are based on the principle of security and stability;

4. Site changes can be reused;

5. Just add and replace parts and then reinstall it;

6 can be installed in stages, will not interrupt customer business or production operations;

7. A variety of colors for customer choice, with your company's image;

8. A high degree of rust prevention, surface treatment is not easy to wear;