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2018 New Design Of Cantilver Racking System From Lianhezhongbang Factory And To Be Top Ten Shelf Supplier In China

Jan 22, 2018

Lianhe Zhongbang for many enterprises to solve the storage problem was Zhongshan Trade and Industry Bureau as "the contract and keeping promises units"

By Guangdong Provincial Logistics Association as "Top Ten (shelf) suppliers."


Customized warehouse space utilization rate of 90%, faster than your new lease a warehouse, but also more economical and more shelves is an important tool for warehouse modernization and efficiency, and the market share of higher and higher demand. With the rapid development of economy, the influx of foreign-funded enterprises into the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta in our country not only brought about the development of the local economy, but also brought new management concepts and management techniques. At present, more and more warehouse storage warehouses use automated storage .

Storage Attic shelves are storage devices, is based on the packaging, transportation, handling, sorting, information management is the logistics of the six basic functions. With the continuous development of the storage shelf industry in 2014, more and more industries and enterprises have applied to the storage shelves, and more and more enterprises have entered the storage industry. Services to all sectors of the community friends. The shelf is one of the main storage facilities, it can be said that the shelves of modern industrial warehouse, logistics center, distribution center is an integral part.


1. Warehouse attic shelves can guarantee the quality of the goods before entering the next link in the storage of goods to test the quality of products can effectively prevent the inflow of fake and shoddy products to the market, protecting the rights and interests of consumers, but also to a certain extent, to protect the production Manufacturer's reputation. To ensure product quality through warehousing mainly in two aspects: First, when the goods storage quality inspection to see whether the goods meet the warehousing requirements, non-conforming products are strictly prohibited mixed storage, the second is the storage period of the goods, we should try to make The product does not occur physical and chemical changes, minimize the loss of inventory of goods.

3. Storage loft shelf is to ensure the smooth progress of the social reproduction process necessary conditions Warehousing process is not only the necessary guarantee for the smooth flow of goods, but also the community in the production process to be guaranteed.


4. Storage loft shelves is an important means to speed up the flow of goods, saving circulation Although the storage of goods in the warehouse, is at a standstill, will bring the time cost and financial costs increase, but in fact as a whole , It not only does not bring the loss of time and financial costs increase, on the contrary it can help speed up the circulation, and save operating costs. Speaking earlier about the need for warehousing, it has been mentioned that warehousing can effectively reduce transportation and production costs, resulting in a reduction in total costs.

5. Storage loft shelves to prepare for the goods to enter the market Storage can be completed before the goods into the market, packaging, quality inspection, sorting and other procedures, so you can shorten the follow-up part of the work time and speed up the flow of goods.

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