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The Differences Between Medium-Duty Rack& Heavy-Duty Rack

Jun 09, 2017

Medium-Duty Rack refers to the planking racks which load capacity of each layer of the rack is 200-800kg, accessing goods by hand, the height of rack is generally not more than 2500mm. The medium-sized shelf is the most popular kind of shelves, which is usually composed of main frame and sub frame. The sub frame can be assembled in many ways to save cost and increase the load capacity. Because of the advantages of simple appearance, reasonable structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, height per 50 mm adjustable, firm and strong, large load capacity,Medium-size rack is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprise warehouses, etc..


Heavy-Duty Rack refer to the racks which load capacity of each layer of the shelves is over than 1000kg, and use forklift to access the goods and need to place pallets. There are commonly used gravity rack, cantilever rack, drive-in rack, pallet rack, mezzanine rack and so on. The advantages of heavy-duty shelves are large load capacity, wide variety and high safety, which can meet the storage requirements of different products. The heavy-duty shelf adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate. It can be formed by roll forming. The column can be as high as 6 meters, and the middle is seamless. The cross beam is made of high quality square steel, which has great bearing capacity and is difficult to deform. Heavy-duty rack system has high space utilization, flexible access, and can be managed or controlled by computer to meet the requirements of modern logistics system. Heavy duty shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. They are not only suitable for goods of various types and small quantities, but also for small varieties and large quantities of goods.


Different shelves will be different in the material, specifications, styles and other aspects, the key is to find the shelf in line with your requirements, which is the best shelf for you. The differences of specifications of materials will directly affect the load capacity of different shelves, different schemes will also directly affect the overall costs.The medium-duty rack and heavy-duty rack of LHZB are customized for customers’s warehouses, as long as you provide the corresponding custom shelves information, we will design the best storage plan for you, and produce the most suitable shelf for you!