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Adjustable Mold Frame Design For Mold Installtion

May 09, 2017

The storage plan of the mold rack greatly influences the ultimate effective design, so it is necessary to consider how to lay out the mold rack system and ensure the safety, stability and durability of the whole system.

Space utilization - the overall area planning to maximize the storage capacity as the core, the use of the narrowest aisle, the cost of each location to minimize inventory costs, thereby greatly improving the mold storage capacity.


Need to consider the factors - what kind of shelf layout? How much is the size limit (length x width x height)? Is there a preference for the aisle space requirements (wider, narrower, allowing the width of the manual forklift operation)? What types of molds and products are planned to be stored? Is there a special storage factory mold rack requirement?


System strength - due to the safety requirements of the mold storage is particularly high, we must fully take into account the strength requirements of each detail, the domestic has been more because the mold frame structure design is unreasonable, the strength is not enough to cause the mold frame collapse.


Adjustable mold frame racks conforms to international storage and shelf industry standards, including RMI, European Machinery Handling Association Standard FEM, UBC, and Sprinkler Standard.