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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Large Shelves

1, drive-in racking.
Advantages: drive-in rack is currently the most widely used intensive storage shelves, the most inexpensive, simple structure, low maintenance, and can achieve a high storage rate, widely used in beverages, tobacco and other industries.
Disadvantages: drive-in racking because lack of cross-practice component structure, leading to its structural stability is difficult to control. General height of not more than 10 m, otherwise either production costs rise sharply, or unable to meet daily requirements. The reasonably-type shelves need accurate calculation and selection, to ensure the safety of shelves.
2, into the rack
Advantages: press-rack forklift access goods on rail jobs at the lower end, there's no need to enter goods shelf storage channel, making its access faster than drive-in rack. This characteristics make it suitable for use as a warehouse transfer staging area, is ideal for warehouse space is limited, but want to achieve dense storage of customer in a small area, the typical layout for the warehouse wall arrangement made 3~4 deep within. Press-shelf-stable, and lower requirements for forklift operators, can reduce the probability of mistake hit the shelves.
Shortcomings: pressure into type shelf need with tray car to hosted goods, which involved different level car Zhijian, car and guide Zhijian and guide and shelf Zhijian of tie problem, storage depth larger, design difficulty more big, on shelf making precision requirements is high, cost high, and by shelf structure features by limited, goods depth General not over 5 a, storage rate in intensive of warehouse shelf in the is lower of column.
3, gravity rack
Advantages: high gravity rack space usage, and is applied uniformly, large quantities of goods. Due to cargo, one in racks on both sides, it can be used as a line of uninterrupted supply of materials used in the workshop, also can be used as a distribution center shipped staging and replenishment system of forklift or crane.
Disadvantages: gravity rack roller transport pallets, rollers have a high concentricity requirements and higher requirements on quality of pallets. The best selection of hardwood material pallets, followed by the plastic trays, or prone to sliding tray stuck to the situation. And in order to ensure controlled sliding the tray, you need to install damping isolation device, buffer and delivery, high cost, high maintenance costs.