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Advantages Of The Drawer Model Shelf For Mechanical Or Industrial Storage Area

We products many kind of model racks such as :model shelf,Mold storage rack,Drawer mold shelf,model rack display,mold setting warehouse racks,Drawer type movement mold frame,Standard drawer mold stand,Three grid four layer drawer mold frame,Five grid four layer drawer mold racking,drawer mold racks with sky hoist,drawer mold racking,Capped drawer mold stand,Fully open type heavy drawer mold stand,Stretch mold storage rack,Skateboard mold storage rack,heavy-duty storage mold rack and so on.

Type of Drawer mold racks

1.The type of draw mold:A.Stander mold racks,B.With sky hoist model rack;C.Heavy-duty model rack,DFull opened model racks,E.Skateboard mold storage rack.F.Stretch storage mold racking.

2.Can be customized according to customer requirements


Usage for Drawer mold holder

1.In the storage of plastic molds, metal molds and various molds

2.Mark able, easy to find, manage and maintain mold


Drawer mold rack Features:

1. Safe and reliable: additional positioning of the safety device, safe and reliable for usage.

2. Operation : purchase bearing combination, sliding smooth, and with hanging device.

3. Simple structure: assembled by a variety of combinations of components, easy to fold, transport and assembly.

4. Save space: small footprint, can store dozens of sets of small and medium-sized mold.

5. Drawer can be loaded 800-3000KG (according to the need to choose.) Load-bearing requirements of higher, you can customize the production.


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