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Ali Entered The Box Ma Fresh Students Began To Get Involved In The Field Of Unmanned Storage Rack Finally

Oct 24, 2017

Ali entered the box Ma fresh students began to get involved in the field of unmanned Storage Rack finally


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It has long been predicted that Ali Tencent admission unmanned Storage Rack in the field is only a matter of time. Now, this time is over.


September 26, Shanghai, a shared office platform to the interface reporter revealed that the current box Ma fresh students have entered the field of unmanned Storage Rack, and the platform is to discuss the details of the landing.


It is expected that the form of boxless unmanned Storage Rack will be different from the current "vending machine", which is similar to the optimized version of the vending machine. The category focuses on convenience. Concrete landing in October.


Interface reporter to box horse fresh students asked, the other did not comment.


As a new retail project, Alcatel-Lucent has shown a strong ability in fresh supply chains and logistics. Expand the business category, in the office unmanned Storage Rack to seize the track is entirely possible, "new retail" from the concept to the implementation of landing, Ali are the industry leader.


"The cost of unmanned Storage Rack is relatively high," he said. "It's time to look at its own position and what kind of support model it wants to pursue, and then do more about it." to B 's personalized operation, which is the key to the success of the future unmanned Storage Rack.


And box Ma fresh due to self-built three kilometers and a half hours of logistics system, and Alibaba large data to support the fresh supply chain, both in the supply chain or logistics are very advantages. Box Ma fresh because of their own success led to the retail fresh industry's great concern. And these, the official unmanned retail Storage Rack one of the most important success factors.


On the upcoming September 28, boxing horse fresh in Hangzhou will be held to open a new store conference. The future there are more cartons fresh fresh shop will be in Hangzhou and across the country to spread out. The specific details have to wait until the day announced.


Unattended Storage Rack are already competing for projects that are competing. September 20, with the investment of Alibaba hungry it had announced the official release called "e point convenience" unattended Storage Rack.


According to the hungry what a breakfast area manager introduced, hungry unmanned Storage Rack can provide small Storage Rack and refrigerator installation, lower than the market price of 15% to 20% of the food and beverage shop goods replenishment, regular maintenance, after-sales service, personality Of the supply of products, while business applicants will have additional incentives. In the terms of cooperation, hungry, the number of employees required to cooperate in the company to be more than 30 people, and hungry to provide a place to place the refrigerator and Storage Rack.


The last week, the media has reported that Tencent investment in the daily fresh and Jingdong home are also one after another into the Council. Each department's focus is slightly different. But the operation and service ability is the fundamental of the various competition. According to the columnist Qu Yi Fei before the analysis, unmanned retail Storage Rack, although not yet fully verified by the market, but the giant fancy is its large data value, social value and import value.