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Ali, Jingdong Beach Security Warehouse Rack, Is The Other Power Business Logistics Enterprises To Achieve The Development Of Shortcuts?

Oct 24, 2017

Ali, Jingdong beach security Warehouse Rack, is the other power business logistics enterprises to achieve the development of shortcuts?

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Intelligent warehousing in the cost reduction on the show unparalleled role. In September this year, Jingdong for the first time to showcase the industry on the 1st Asian intelligent logistics projects. At present, Jingdong Asia has expanded from the original one to nine, covering the whole of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other eight cities, the next five years, Jingdong logistics will be more than 30 core cities in the country to build Asia on the 1st, To achieve the national seven major areas of intelligent storage of the full radiation. Asia has greatly reduced the cost and efficiency by using large-scale automation equipment, robots and intelligent management systems in the three-dimensional storage, sorting, packaging, transportation and sorting of goods.


At the same time, Jingdong logistics according to the various regions of the country's commodity attributes and sorting needs for overall planning and layout, targeted to solve large, medium and small pieces of the product is not balanced, complex scenes of the problem, to achieve comprehensive logistics processing capacity of organic matching and comprehensive Ascension. Among them, Kunshan Asia on the 1st automatic sorting system in 618 officially put into use this year, sorting capacity of more than 40,000 / hour, the sorting center daily sorting capacity of more than 1 million, is more than 10 times the efficiency of manual sorting, And the accuracy rate of up to 99.99%.


In the Shanghai Asia on the 1st, the automated warehouse system up to 24 meters, storage efficiency is 5 times the ordinary storage; storage capacity of 65,000 pallets, to high-density storage, make full use of storage space, the system includes the goods to Man system, roadway stacking machine, conveying system, automatic control system and inventory information management system.


Among them, the goods to the system for the tray for automatic access, handling and can achieve the goods to the people of the picking technology; high-speed automated sorting system, with automatic package form, to maximize staff to reduce and improve the sorting efficiency, The sorting efficiency of a single sorting machine can be up to 27,000 pieces per hour; the multi-storey loft system can greatly increase the available picking area while maximizing the use of storage space.


Wang Yinxue said that in the process of building Asia, the introduction of stacking machines, conveyors, sorters, goods to the human system, forklifts and other electrical equipment, energy conservation as the primary principle; in the warehouse, Jingdong widely used The microwave induction LED lighting system, can save 72%. In addition, the Jingdong Group also use energy-saving belt to reduce the belt machine friction, do energy optimization, saving nearly a thousand years a year. In addition, it is also actively promoting the roof photovoltaic power generation and rainwater harvesting system, in which the rainwater harvesting system greatly alleviates the local municipal drainage pressure.


Electric business giants have entered the field of intelligent warehousing


In order to share in the field of storage, except Jingdong, a lot of electricity providers, logistics companies have begun to layout intelligent storage.


In September this year, in order to ensure the "double 11" normal, fast single, rookie network began in the country to start super robot group, these warehouse groups will be in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hubei and other key cities and logistics hub landing The Through intelligent algorithms, automated assembly line, AGV robot, etc., to enhance the level of unmanned operations within the warehouse. After a new upgrade, Jiaxing robot warehouse area greatly expanded, and the degree of unmanned higher. From the receipt, the goods are pipelined into the designated reservoir area, intelligent equipment and then automatically sent to the designated storage of goods storage. Even if the shelf up to 20 meters equivalent to 7-storey, intelligent equipment can also be flexible to shelves or remove the goods, and can remain stable.


2015, for the electricity business logistics distribution, Shun Feng warehouse with a nationwide launch of "cloud warehouse today", "cloud warehouse the next day" timeliness services. Based on the seven major distribution centers (RDC), relying on the cloud warehouse, SF "cloud warehouse" service is no longer confined to the city, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi'an and other 25 key cities will be implemented The At the same time, the second day of cloud storage will cover 167 cities nationwide, leading the industry's most extensive coverage network.


July 2015, Suning announced the investment of 1.1 billion Shanghai Fengxian logistics base built, the base covers an area of 250,000 square meters (including large warehouses and small pieces), the equivalent of 35 standard football field size. One of the small warehouse area is the largest domestic electricity industry, can support 1 million small pieces of SKU, about 15 million pieces of commodity storage needs. Put into use, the base of the automation process has also entered the full speed of the promotion period, Suning Shanghai logistics base has become the Nanjing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Suning, the fourth floor automation automation logistics base.


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