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Attic Mezzanine Floor Warehouse Shelf History Independent Export Shelves Began In 2000

Jan 16, 2018

Attic warehouse shelf history 

Independent export shelves began in 2000, before mainly through foreign trade companies.

In 2005, attic shelves output value of about 300 million yuan, compared with previous years, for the growth of the shelf industry.

In 2006, the output of attic shelves increased by more than 40% over 2005, but the output value was not large compared with that of 2005, and the total market value of attic shelves was about 1 billion yuan.

In 2007, the total output of about 200,000 tons, the output value of about 2.5 billion yuan.

In 2008, the output of attic shelves for AS / RS will be the same as that of 2007, with the output value of shelves increasing by 1.25% due to the price of steel products. The output of forklift shelves and its extended shelves and shelves will grow more than that of 2007 1.2%, due to steel prices, output will grow 1.25%.

In 2009, the production of shelves increased by 1.48% over 2009, which was relatively flat due to the economic crisis in 2008;

In 2010, due to the increase of steel price factor of 1.21%, the manufacturers in south and north China showed a trend of development. Beijing and Nanjing added more than 50 shelves manufacturers in 2010, and the output value of shelves will reach a new high.

In 2011, the price of steel increased by 1.5% compared with that in 2009. Large-sized enterprises around the world highly recommended automation in order to realize the modern warehousing of goods. Beijing, Nanjing to increase more new business;

Well-known enterprises in North and South have more than 120; shelf production attic only 60%