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Attic Platform For Different Industry Characteristics

Dec 26, 2018

Advanced knowledge of the loft platformAttic platform for different industry characteristics

3.1 Attic platform design points:

3.1.1. Provide real pictures of the venue

Provide a real picture of the venue, which can roughly determine what kind of shelf format to use. We are talking about the attic platform, so setting up the warehouse means using the attic platform.

3.1.2. Site size

Data to be provided

The attic platform sketch can be designed based on the actual image of the site provided by the customer and the warehouse height data provided. However, we recommend to measure the size of the site at the door and design the attic platform according to the actual situation.

3.1.3. Low barriers

After designing the sketch, we must check some details, such as low barriers, which is very important. The low point barrier is called the height of the cement column, the height of the obstacle from the ground to the top, and the distance between the obstacles.

3.1.4. Ground inspection

Provide the ground conditions of the warehouse, such as whether the ground is flat, whether there is a tilt angle, or even need to know the ground foundation related information, in general, the more detailed the design of the attic platform is more secure. However, the general small attic platform is less strict on the ground.


3.1.5. Load selectionLoad-bearing selection is a very important project, which will directly affect the safety, cost and other aspects of the attic platform designed in the future. For example, our goods are very heavy. After calculation, we need to use steel plates to tiling on the attic platform. Our columns, as well as the materials used in other parts of the attic, need to be selected. Of course, the material is important, the natural materials are better, thicker, and the cost is naturally higher. If the load is small, we can consider using low-cost wood tiling, and the accessories such as columns will reduce the cost accordingly.

3.1.6. Column span

Because the bottom of the attic platform is supported by the column, how many columns need to be strictly calculated, so this column span is also an important part of cost and safety.

Attic platform design

3.1.7. Materials used in the loft platform

The weight of the goods determines the materials we use when designing the attic platform. If your warehouse is too wide and requires a strong carrying capacity, then we will use I-beams for your design. Because the span of the I-beam is large, the carrying capacity is strong. If your warehouse is narrow, then we will use channel steel or composite poles for your design. If the load is not so high, and the cost is lower, we will use wood to make the floor, which can save a lot of cost!

3.1.8. Height of the attic platform

In our design, the height of the attic platform depends on the height of your warehouse. If your warehouse is 5m high and you use manual pick-up, then we recommend 2.2m for the first floor and 2.5m for the second floor. This is enough no matter what space you want on your platform. If your warehouse is only about 4 meters, then we recommend that you set the first floor to 1.8 meters and the top level to about 2 meters. Because the height of our country is generally around 1.7-1.8 meters, the first layer is decided.

3.1.9. Entrance design of the attic platform

To go up to the attic platform, we have to have an entrance. We usually design a fixed staircase. This is based on the actual situation of the warehouse. In addition to the fixed entrance, we usually buy a movable staircase, which is convenient. Warehouse personnel can get the goods on the platform at any time, without having to circle, so it is much more convenient, indirectly saving costs!

3.1.10. Lighting of the loft platformBecause there are multiple layers, but also in the warehouse, the lighting is usually not very good, so we have to install lighting equipment, which is what we usually say. But we must pay attention to the fact that the lamps used in our warehouse can not be used casually. Try to use explosion-proof lamps as much as possible. As for the lumen setting of the lighting, it can be standardized. The general idea is that it can neither be too dark or affect normal work. Nor can it be too bright and waste energy. It is worth noting that LED energy-saving lamps have appeared in large numbers now, which can be considered.

3.1.11. Attic platform limit card

This is a safety reminder, because we know that the load-bearing capacity of the attic platform is stipulated. If there is no such limit-loading card, and people are neglecting the load-bearing capacity of the attic platform, the consequences are very serious.

3.1.12. Attic platform for different industry characteristics

The design of the loft platform usually pays attention to the general shelf similar to the attic shelf, but we have corresponding characteristics for different industries, so we should make corresponding adjustments according to different industries.