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Attic Shelves New Design From Lianhezhongbang Logistic

May 18, 2018

Zhongshan shelf loft | shelf loft medium | shelf loft | Zhongshan shelf loft factory 18923316395 factory direct, quality protection Zhongshan loft shelf engineer one to one for you to solve the design requirements of the shelf. Strong carrying capacity, customized price and customer warehouse Program.

Zhongshan attic shelves usually use medium-sized shelf shelves or heavy shelf shelves as the main body and floor panel support (according to the weight of the load to decide which kind of shelf to use), floor panels are usually selected cold rolled steel floor, pattern steel floor or steel grille Floor slabs.

We all know that when we buy things or products, we must choose good quality. Then what kind of products can be said to be of good quality and certainly have certain standards, so that we will have a basis when we do things. Let's let Dongguan shelf manufacturers and everyone simply say the criteria for selecting shelves.

1. The attic shelf must be very solid. It can't be said that if you place a product above it, it will cause problems. This is definitely not acceptable.

 2, when the purchase of attic shelves to choose a relatively large shelf, such as the shelves of tea farmers more, so we have to choose such a shelf.

   3, when selecting the shelf, he must also pay attention to his brand. This is for after-sales service, it is considered a rainy day.